Deployment services over the long haul

Fleet managers, insurance carriers, truck and auto manufacturers are using vehicle telematics to enhance route efficiency, track high-value cargo, improve safety and deliver new services designed to offer drivers information, theft protection, and lower premiums.

Where our customers are taking telematics

Integron’s telematics implementation experience allows our customers to focus on their value-added service offerings including: vehicle tracking and recovery, remote vehicle diagnostics, service route optimization and emergency services. Insurance carriers are using vehicle telematics to analyze driving patterns, and offer low-risk subscribers premium discounts for good driving behavior.

You track your vehicles… We’ll track everything else!

Telematic software companies are great at extracting and delivering vehicle data. Insurance carriers are experts at analyzing big data and underwriting the correlated premium. Integron’s wheelhouse is managing everything that’s required to get the telematics data to where it is going:

  • Hardware selection and sourcing
  • Telematics hardware kitting and configuration
  • OBD-II Pod fulfillment: Direct-to-Subscriber
  • OBD-II Pod recovery and redeployment
  • Asset management & tracking
  • Wireless Subscription Management
  • Wireless Optimization – Activation on deployment / Suspend on return
  • Consolidated billing and reporting
  • Multi-Operator alerting engine

Case Study


Our customer needed a full-service Deployment and Wireless Management solution to support a monthly subscription service for consumer Vehicle Tracking. The service provides automobile dealers with an inventory management tool to locate and track vehicles on multiple inventory lots. The solution is then sold to the consumer as a monthly subscription to manage/track their new/used vehicle.


We import, configure and kit a vehicle OBD-II GPS/3G wireless module. We deploy kits to individual automobile dealers, and manage Returns & Warranty. We manage Wireless Provisioning, Activation and test all hardware prior to fulfillment. We provide a unified multi-operator deployment service using our WMS™ Platform. We provided a comprehensive Wireless Management platform that can manage a multi-dealer deployment model and segment billing by dealership.


We have a wide range of expertise in several industry verticals, offering solutions in connected health, energy, and transportation/telematics.