Fueling deployment efforts wherever you may be

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology are playing an increasingly significant role in helping energy companies improve their generation and transmission, consumers manage and lower their consumption, and infrastructure companies monitor and optimize their production assets.

What's driving Energy to IoT/M2M?

Industry de-regulation and privatization is driving energy distribution companies to become more efficient and cost competitive as consumers demand pricing transparency to evaluate their choices. Everyone in the energy value chain is evaluating new tools and services to make business processes more productive, efficient, and cost-effective.

Integron’s powerful IoT/M2M experience in Energy

Our implementation experience helps our clients realize the benefits that smart utilities and remote monitoring are designed to deliver:

  • Remote Meter Reading – reduced labor, increased accuracy in billing
  • Smart Meter – consumer participation in reduced/optimized consumption
  • Managing Peak Usage – integration of alternative sources (solar, wind) during peak usage periods
  • Remote Monitoring – ability to monitor and manage solar/wind assets
  • Smart Grid – manages grid assets (sub-station equipment, breakers, transformers)
  • Wireless Monitoring – develops delivery networks that are more robust, predictable and self-balancing

Case Study


Our customer knew that providing a remote monitoring service of their customer's oil well pumping efficiency could improve production and save millions in maintenance costs per year. The challenge was to replace periodic human monitoring with a wireless solution that could withstand the rigors of the oil field environment. The customer also needed a managed service that would enable the logical organization of wells for monitoring and reporting, and the wireless activity alerting to be integrated and consistent while using multiple Mobile Network Operators.


We helped the customer select and configure industrial wireless routers for deployment directly to the oil wellhead. Our WMS™ Platform provides the multi-operator deployment tools and integrated alerting that provided our customer with the differentiation needed to win the contract. WMS™ allowed the customer to creat sub-accounts to align their managed service reporting and billing to their customer's wellhead and oil field organization. In addition, we created customer business rules and alerts to provide proactive monitoring and response.


We have a wide range of expertise in several industry verticals, offering solutions in connected health, energy, and transportation/telematics.