Company Profile


Integron has built services that impact a wide range of technologies.  Our core value to clients is a deep technical competence with asset management expertise rarely exhibited in logistics.  The portfolio of technology we work on ranges from PC tools, complex multifunction printers, digital screens, medical imaging equipment and M2M devices.  As we have evolved in the M2M marketplace we have added wireless management to accommodate the logistics requirement in an M2M initiative.
Remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions truly require collaboration amongst marketplace providers and customers alike. 

We are proud of the company we keep.  Our customers have helped us forge new frontiers in wireless M2M and full deployment and wireless fulfillment.  Integron has established key partnerships to provide our clients with seamless delivery, support for returns, and serious support tools to execute an M2M initiative.
We remain true to our core asset management and technical prowess delivered with a process rigor requisite of complex projects.