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    Internet of Things
    Integron manages the complexities of enterprise IoT solutions by offering a comprehensive set of
    services, technology, and strong vendor relationships across the entire IoT landscape.
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    Connected Health
    Integron’s managed services ensure value throughout the healthcare and life sciences continuum –
    leveraging technology and connectivity to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.
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    The Connected World
    From food distribution to fleet tracking, telematics, and the delivery of mobile devices to remote
    areas of the world, Integron has expertise to help you simply reach your goal.

  Integron President Bryan Lubel to Speak at Upcoming IoT Evolution Healthcare Conference in Orlando

Managed IoT Services

Deploying and managing hundreds or thousands of connected assets across an enterprise and around the world can be a daunting task, to say the least. From hardware selection and multiple carrier contracts, to device management, security, coverage, and global rollout – the complexities are numerous.


Integron makes this easy for you. We manage the complexities of enterprise IoT solutions by offering a comprehensive set of services, technology, and strong vendor relationships across the entire IoT landscape. Our managed IoT services include wireless connectivity, software defined networks (SDN), security, provisioning, device management and support.


Solution Design

Integron helps companies plan and design their IoT initative, from business case analysis and hardware selection to connectivity and network design.

Deployment and Logistics

We help our enterprise clients realize their IoT deployments, including feasibility testing, configuration, kitting and implementation support.

Ongoing Operations

We provide managed services and operational analytics, helping you with cost optimization, security, and ongoing device management.


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Global Solutions

Connected Health

Integron's comprehensive set of managed services provide value to the connected health, clinical drug trial, telehealth and remote patient monitoring sectors of the healthcare industry.


Integron's IoT implementation experience helps our clients realize the benefits that smart utilities and remote monitoring are designed to deliver.


Integron’s telematics implementation experience allows our customers to focus on their value-added service offerings including: vehicle tracking and recovery, remote vehicle diagnostics, service route optimization and emergency services.

Why Integron

Integron makes enterprise IoT initiatives easy for you.
We handle the details of your global IoT rollout so you can focus on your core business.

Integron manages the significant time required to identify vendors, negotiate agreements, and deploy – avoiding project stall. A strong partnership ecosystem enables integration across various points of an IoT deployment – hardware, connectivity, security and device management (SDN, MDM), and delivering enterprise services.

  • Time-to-Market
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Cost Containment
  • Security
  • Visibility and Operational Insight
  • Scale
  • Efficiency
  • Ongoing Support



Partner Ecosystem

Integron has a wide range of partnerships across the entire IoT/M2M ecosystem, including MNO, supply chain, platform, software application, deployment, wireless management and asset management. We’re with you through the whole ecosystem, not just one slice of it. And we handle all of the details with a rigor and precision that’s unmatched in the business.


Let us show you how our IoT expertise can benefit your company's bottom line.